Juicy Game Night EVO Championship series - Update 1/28

Mon 29th Jan 2018 - 12:14am Gaming

For any player looking into finding out their scores for the our championship series, we will providing a monthly update with all the points collected so far every month.

In addition to that, the points for the monthlys can be found here:

As a reminder, for the Juicy Game Night weekly events, the top 3 placements will recieve points for each game that is in the EVO championship series. For the monthly events, the 16 players of each game will recieve points. The following point system as followed:


JuicyGameNight weeklys:

1st place: 3 points
2nd place: 2 points
3rd place: 1 point


JuicyGameNight Monthlys:

1st place: 100 points
2nd place: 80 points
3rd place: 70 points
4th place: 50 points
5th place: 40 points
7th place: 20 points
9th place: 5 points
13th place: 1 point


For any questions, do not histage to comment below or contact our head TOs, Alexander "Duelist" Pesante or Arris "Blacky" Whittaker!




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