Juicy Game Night EVO Championship series - Juicy Weekly Points!

Sat 3rd Feb 2018 - 10:00am Gaming

Here is where players can view their points from attending Juicy Game Night weeklys. We will be updating the system with other weeklys in the future. For now, players can use the link below to find their name and how many points they have from attending each game they pparticipate at our weeklys.


Q:What if my tag is misspelled?

A:You can contact one of our representatives via social media or email us at and we will fix it right away.


Q:Where can I find my total points?

A: We will develop a chart to add up the weekly points & monthly points to show each players current score. For now we want the players to know what and where all the links are to view their points.


Q:How do I know if my weekly counts for the Juicy EVO championship series?

A: We will release statements social media & on our website explaining where people can receive points & increase their chances to get in the top 8 of the championship series!


Q: Some players have a lot more points than others.

A: There are special events we released for some players. Since it can not be keep track on, we will be keeping track on our weeklys spread sheet.


Q: Where can I find my monthly points?





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